Business Broadband

TVS’s business grade broadband packages have been designed solely to meet the needs of business customers. Our broadband packages provide faster download and upload speeds over a purpose built ADSL 2+ network, and not an old ADSL network that has been upgraded time and time again.

We also have a ‘Ethernat in the First Mile’ (EFM) service available. Click here for more information.

What is ADSL 2+?

It extends the capabilities of basic ADSL by doubling the number downstream bits.

How does that benefit me?

Data rates can be as high as 24Mbit/s download and 2.5Mbit/s upload, (depending on the distance from the Exchange).

Changing Provider

If you have a current Internet Service Provider and wish to switch to TVS then this can be readily arranged.  Simply request a ‘MAC’ code from your current provider and supply these details when requesting a switch.

Broadband Speed Test

To test the speed of your current internet connection please use the following test: