Calls & Line Rental

TVS’s telephone lines enable you to reduce costs on local, national, international and mobile calls, whilst benefiting from industry-leading levels of speed, quality and reliability.

ISDN Lines

ISDN2e/30 is a preferred voice service for small to medium offices, however, the telecoms market is now moving to SIP trunks due to flexibility and cost saving.

SIP Lines

SIP Trunking gives you the ability to begin enjoying the benefits of IP voice technology using your existing telephony equipment.

With no need for costly, new equipment, we simply provide you with an IP gateway that sits between your existing voice infrastructure and your IP network. With SIP Trunking, you will start to enjoy benefits including substantial line rental and call cost savings. You can also benefit from hosted voicemail, time-of-day-routing, call recording and hosted interactive voice response (IVR) to keep your business connected and productive.

Standard Call costs pence per minute

UK CALLS Peak Off peak
Local 0.9 0.9
National 0.9 0.9


Vodafone mobile 6.5 6.5
O2 mobile 6.5 6.5
T-mobile 6.5 6.5
Orange mobile 6.5 6.5 

(NO call set-up costs or per second billing.)