Inbound Numbers

Inbound Numbers can give great flexibility for call routing, monitoring and managing phone numbers. They are also often used for marketing or providing customer service numbers.

0800 Numbers

To increase the number of sales enquiries consider the benefits of 0800 phone numbers:

  • Prospective customers will see your business as customer friendly, as you are prepared to pay for the cost of the call and are less likely to leave them hanging on the line.
  • Companies selling products or a service could benefit from a freephone service; industry statistics indicate that the use of 0800 numbers in marketing or advertising campaigns can increase response rates by up to 70%.
  • Inbound call management.
  • If your ‘real’ fixed landline telephone number is changed by a business move, your 0800 number stays the same.
  • National Presence – 08 phone numbers are not confined to geographical locations so it helps to give a nationwide presence to the business.
0845 Numbers

0845 numbers are charged (by their supplier) to the caller at UK local rates. The cost to a receiving business of inbound 0845 telephone call is 2 pence per minute.

Irrespective of where and when they are calling from within the UK, the charge paid by the calling party is at a local rate. The remaining cost of the call is charged to the company using the 0845 number.

0870 Numbers

Our 0870 numbers can be called from anywhere in the UK giving your business a truly national feel. In addition we will pay you up to 4.0pence per minute for every call that you receive on your number; allowing your business to generate a revenue stream. Benefits of an 0870 number:

  • Increase your advertising response and attract new customers.
  • Convey a more professional image.
  • Create a revenue stream.
  • Connected within a few hours.