Hosted Telephony

A powerful, flexible, cost effective telephone solution for your business

A hosted telephony system from TVS gives you all the benefits of a traditional office PBX telephone system combined with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of a hosted VoIP solution.

Access is provided via a managed internet connection, supplied by TVS, and multiple sites can be configured to suit each environment.

Lower total costs

With free calls between sites, lower call and line rental costs and no expensive maintenance contracts, a hosted VoIP solution not only saves you money bit also gives you a predictable monthly bill to help your budgeting process.


The TVS solution resides on a highly resilient and secure architecture with built in redundancy at all levels of hardware and software. This ensures equivalent availability to traditional core PSTN networks.

The hosted solution is housed in a carrier class, secure data centre where we manage upgrades and reliable power so that your service is always available.


The TVS solution can expand or contract to accommodate projects, marketing campaigns or seasonal fluctuations. Sites and features can be easily added or removed with limited financial penalty.


For organisations with multiple sites and remote workers, TVS provides easy call management and flow. Receptionists are able to answer and transfer calls to and from any site at the click of a mouse. Hunt groups, voicemail, Auto Attendant and other advanced call-handling options are all managed via a simple easy to use web browser.

Wherever you go, the phone and all its features follow you. Your employees can work from the office, home or even whilst travelling.

Business Continuity

Unforeseen circumstances are easily managed with TVS’s hosted VoIP solution. In the event of disruption calls can be easily re-routed to alternative locations with immediate effect and businesses can continue to operate normally with no loss of income.